Looking at Business as an Asset, Not a Job

One thing I’ve noticed about entrepreneurs who run larger businesses than me ($10mm and up) is that they don’t look at their companies like those of us running smaller companies do.

When I was just getting started, I thought about my business like I did a job.

When there was a problem, I jumped in to figure out how I could solve it. I looked at my job as working on anything that would hopefully increase revenue and my team was mostly support staff that took care of individual tasks I didn’t want to do.

As I’ve met more founders working on businesses an order of magnitude larger than mine, I’ve realized that they look at things much more like an investor would. The really successful ones run their companies off spreadsheets, and don’t look at how they can solve the problem, but how they can hire people to solve the problem.

So, now I’m trying to adopt this same method of thinking. It’s hard because I like to roll my sleeves up and solve problems, but I know that I need to let my team grow by doing more.

Karl Hughes