You will only rise to the limit of your belief

I've been working with a business coach through the Entrepreneur's Organization Accelerator Program this year, and it's been a really good experience. One of my biggest takeaways is that most entrepreneurs rise only as far as their self-imposed limits dictate.

If you believe you are a small business owner who struggles to get by, you'll always be a small business owner who struggles to get by.

If you believe you're not prepared to start a company, you won't be.

If you believe you can't make $1 million, you won't do it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that all you have to do to achieve your dreams is believe that you will. I'm just saying that if you don't believe you can, you don't even have a shot at it.

So how do you overcome your own limiting beliefs?

I still struggle with this, but a few things are helping:

  1. Surround yourself with people who are more successful and have bigger ambitions than you. In the past year, I've met people who have sold companies 1-2 orders of magnitude bigger than my little business, and that's helped me see what's possible.
  2. Don't downplay your accomplishments. Humility is great, but when you break through a wall, take time to celebrate it.
  3. Make time to retrospect. Where were you a year ago? Two years ago? Are you making progress towards your big, ambitious goals or are you treading water? If the latter, change something drastic.

I'd love to hear how you deal with self-limiting beliefs. Hit reply as I'm still looking for the answers.

Karl Hughes