Don't let people #buildinginpublic fool you, there's always more under the surface

The hardest parts about running a business are the parts you can't talk about in public.

I am pretty open with my struggles, but many of them just can't be shared without hurting other people involved.

For example, I'm not going to share details about contract disputes with clients. I'm not going to talk about employees who make mistakes that hurt the business. Doing so would be unfair to the other parties involved and unprofessional.

But, there's a sort of romanticism built up around the #buildinpublic movement.

Aspiring entrepreneurs see Tweeters throwing numbers around and think it must be easy to run a business, but it's important to understand how much is likely hiding just beneath the surface.

My friend Dan Moore also reminded me of this quote, which I'll leave you with:

"Don't compare your inside to someone else's outside."

He went on to point out that: "Even if you are learning in public, there are some things you are holding back. What you see is always a curated view."

Karl Hughes