How I set my big 10-year vision

When I started out, my goal was to build a business that allowed me to take a month off at a time.

I achieved that in two years.

So how did I come up with a 10-year, $100 million vision?

1. I defined my "why?" 🤔

After reflecting on the times in my life when I felt most fulfilled, I realized that:

  • I love learning
  • I have a short attention span

So I set out to design a 10-year vision that would allow me to continue learning and growing every year.

2. I reflected on my own strengths 💪

You'll achieve 100x more if you're leaning into your strengths instead of papering up your weaknesses.

I'm an activator with strong communication and organization skills.

Knowing this, my role should be setting a path and delegating work to more detail-oriented people. That sounds easy, but it's hard to do without a specific vision in mind.

3. I decided on specific numbers 💯

I started working with a coach last year, and one thing he kept pushing me to do was to define my vision in specific numbers.

It's uncomfortable. 🫤

I might not hit these numbers, and yet I need to have them. So, I came up with something that seemed equal parts crazy and fun:

🎯 I'm building a $100 million portfolio of 10+ digital service businesses over the next decade. 🎯

4. I started talking about the vision 🗣️

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." - The Alchemist

Belief is powerful, but it's even more powerful when you can convince others to join you.

So, I started being open about what I wanted to do. Immediately, I attracted supporters who offered introductions, advice, leads, and partnerships.

I even found a partner, @manualwise who joined me, and gave me the support I needed to make the first acquisition.

5. I modeled a path to success 🪧

There's a huge difference between having a big vision and taking the first step toward realizing that vision.

So, I built a model, broken down by year, that showed me how quickly I'd have to move and the milestones I'd need to hit to make this happen.

Even if reality looks nothing like my model, the fact that there is a model makes the whole thing seem real.

It gave me my first step (buy another company) and it gave me the confidence to tell others that this really is possible.

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Karl Hughes