Stories: One of a Founder's Most Valuable Assets

Early-Stage founders have one big advantage over leaders at established competitors: founders can tell a good story.

People love to root for the underdog, so if you can leverage your story to gain more press, users, and job applicants, why not?

I learned this by experience when starting Several of our first clients were people who ran across blog posts I wrote, and we recently hired a new salesperson who had first heard me on a podcast. While there is always a risk when being vulnerable, it also serves to humanize your business. Remember, people buy from people.

This is also a big reason we decided to launch executive ghostwriting at last week.

While our standard content offering is great for getting high-quality, technical writing work from engineers, it doesn't really work for C-level executives or founders. But, by pairing up our clients' knowledgable execs with our professional writers, we will be able to help technical founders tell more stories.

If you've ever worked with an executive ghostwriter or been a ghostwriter, I'd also love to hear about your experience. Reply and let me hear about it.

Karl Hughes