Unfounded Fears

First-time founder paralysis is dangerously common.

Talking about starting a business is easy and fun. There's no risk, and anyone can do it. Leaving your job and going full-time on something you created, on the other hand, is incredibly scary.

I've talked to a lot of would-be founders over the years and the biggest things holding most back are:

  1. The product isn't good enough
  2. We just need this investment first
  3. We don't want others to steal the idea

Here's what I say:

  1. Your product will never be "good enough."
  2. Fear of running out of money is legit, but you've gotta learn to run lean.
  3. Ideas are worthless. Execution and iteration is everything.

If you're still on the fence, what's holding you back? Is the excuse real or just in your head? Hit reply and let's talk about it without judgement!

Karl Hughes


Software Engineering